Experienced, friendly,
and dedicated to your success.

Pat Monteleone, Creative Director

Pat has over 30 years experience as a graphic designer and art director in service to publishing companies, ad agencies, and design studios in New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. He has dedicated his professional life to assisting small- and medium-sized companies in developing their marketing plans to best grab and hold the attention of their potential clients. Pat is an "ideas guy" who has the technical and artistic know-how to put in action unique and creative ideas that will deliver business-growing success to any venture.

Illustrations by Nishant Thelakkat.


Ed Keenan, President

Ed started his professional career as a CPA, but he found the backwards-looking nature of the profession limiting. He wanted a position where he could influence organizations to make better communications decisions. In 1998 Ed founded Document Depot, a quick print and graphics shop, and has spent the past 20 years helping businesses and not-for-profit organizations deliver vital messages to their clientele.
     Ed believes that effective communication is about refining your message, making a plan to distribute that message, and then executing that plan. He takes pride in helping his clients create and implement plans that grow awareness, enhance communication, and improve their bottom line.